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Hoverboy - the radio series.

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1 Hoverboy - the radio series. on Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:07 pm

I've been hearing some rumours that you guys have a lead on twelve of the episodes from the thought to be lost Hoverboy radio series from the forties and fifties. This is exciting news!

I remember at our OTR club when one of our members brought in a 78 of a chapter from the radio serial Hoverboy - In The Clutches Of The Harpy!. IIRC, the serial dealt with a mad female scientist, The Harpy, who despised all men and was planning to create an all-female uberace, not unlike a human ant farm, with her as the queen! Only in order to put her plan in motion, she needed to drain Hoverboy of his "essence" in order to get the required genetic material. So she set a trap for him, using a series of bombings of girdle factories, bridal shops and hair salons to gain his attention and follow the clues - to his doom!

There were lots of robots in the story, who constantly said "Eliminate! Eliminate!" in gruff metallic voices (I think Terry Nation may have heard this and it gave him the idea for the Daleks) Also, at one point he was joined in his quest by Argentina's own superhero, the Gay Gaucho - who really didn't like being called that ("Stop calling me Gay, el pista del
! It just doesn't sound right!" No need to get personal, amigo - you don't sound too
happy about it!") and a cliffhanger involving a hypnotized Hovergirl doing the Harpy's bidding ("Hovergirl? But I thought you were decapitated!"I made her better, Hoverboy - much better! Hovergirl - apply the catheter, you know where it goes! Muahahahahaha!")

I even remember the speech of indignation Hoverboy gave:

Female scientist!? Science itself is pure evil, but when mixed with femininity..... Women shouldn't think! They should do the things expected of them that give them contentment, like scrubbing floors, doing the laundry, baking brownies and birthing babies! No wonder you're mad, you evil bi - er, witch!

Sadly the 78 got destroyed when a fight broke out amongst the club's members. I doubt it was the patriotic neanderthalism of the story that did it, I think it was an escalation of an argument of which episode of Dark Fantasy sucked the hardest between two of our members. Thankfully the cops came by before any more gunfire happened. As for me, I think I still have the shrapnel from that 78 lodged in my shoulder....

Anyway, I hope to hear more of those exciting episodes of Hoverboy.......

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2 Re: Hoverboy - the radio series. on Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:01 pm

One more thing - for your younger readers, here's the dialogue that accompanied the opening theme song of the episode I heard (please note that it may not be the same theme or intro as the restored episodes that hopefully we'll hear soon):

(cue organ music)

"Calling All Boys! Calling All Girls! Gather 'round the radio, boys and girls, and THRILL to another exciting adventure of America's champion of right.....HOVERBOY! Brought to you each weekday by the Fantomas Tobacco Company of Bad Axe, Michigan!

Ace Smith, accountant and super-patriot, wanted nothing more than to serve his country and kill its enemies - but the pansies in army recruitment declared him 4F and unfit to serve! His life changed when he discovered the Hoverbelt - a mysterious device of unknown origin which allows the wearer to hover! Donning a cleverly modified bucket to conceal his identity, the hero Hoverboy was born! Now the underworld, super-villains, scientists, Commies, Frenchmen and other rotten criminal scum live in fear of the Knuckle Sandwich of Justice served piping hot by .....Hoverboy!!!!!"

"Hoverboy - AWAY!"

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