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When's the The HoverBoy Serial going to be out on DVD?

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I remember my Dad taking me to a revival of the "HoverBoy"(1944) serial at the Coronet in 1966. We had tried to get into the"Batman"serial revival a month earlier but the lineups were too long, or so Dad said. I was bitterly disappointed. I still am. Anyway we sat through the serial, all 4 hours of it (At least I did, I think Dad left before Chapter 3:"The Suffocating Smelter". I remember having to walk home to Cabbagetown at 1:00 am. I was 7) and it changed my life! I loved it. I especially remember how they used puppet animation for the hovering scenes, and the way the eye slit in the bucket was too small so Kane Coughlin (who played Ace/HoverBoy) kept bumping into the furniture and other actors. I do remember being slightly bothered by the fact that HoverBoy appeared to be helping the Nazis until the very last chapter when he was revealed, somewhat inexplicably, to be a Government Agent (Although which government he's working with is a little vague). Anyway, I'd really like to see it again and since you can't find VHS tapes anymore, I was wondering if there were any plans to release "Hoverboy" and the follow-up "HoverBoy versus The Immigrants" (later changed to the more PC "Hoverboy versus The Zombie Alien Females"from 1948) on DVD so I could download them?

Thank You, Muchly

Lt. Mike
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